Benny’s Chop House: A few Great Steakhouse Pictures

Sliced Filet Mignon

Sliced Bone In New York Strip

Tomahawk Steak

Filet Mignon and Lobster Tails

Bone In Rib Eye

Bone-in New York Strip Steak

Benny’s Chop House by Phil Vettel

A classic steakhouse (and sister property to Volare, in Streeterville) that offers the expected range of beefy choices, along with a short list of “all natural” steaks. Distinguishing features include Chef Jonathan Lane’s clever menu touches, a relatively quiet dining room and a very pleasant front lounge with piano bar. Recommended: Fish salad, tater tots, filet mignon, Cajun tenderloin. Open: Lunch and dinner Monday-Sunday. Entree prices: $21.99-$52.99. Credit cards: A, DC, DS, M, V. Reservations: Strongly recommended. Noise: Conversation-friendly. Other: Wheelchair accessible, valet parking.

Benny’s Chop House

444 N. Wabash Ave.



Best Bone-in Ribeye Steak: 94 West Restaurant

Bone-in Ribeye @ 94 West, Voted Best in the Burbs

 Best Steak: Bone-In Rib Eye Steak

94 West Steak and Seafood Restaurant is one of Chicago’s mecca of meat, and broils up the best beef you’ll ever eat. One of their more popular cuts, is the Bone-in Ribeye steak and is widely considered to be the most flavorful and succulent cuts of beef. Although not quite as tender as 94 West’s Filet Mignon, the Bone-in Ribeye’s rich marbling ensures a rich, exquisite, unique taste that will make you fall in love with every bite.

If you would like to enjoy some of Chicago’s Best Steak, make it a point to visit 94 West Restaurant, you can find them at:

15410 South 94th Avenue

Orland Park, IL 60462

(708) 364-9494

Best Steak: Boston Cut Prime Rib at Volare

One of the Best Steaks in Chicago can be found at Volare Restaurant:  The Boston Cut Prime Rib with hand crusted Crab and a Stilton cream sauce is Amazing, but what is a Boston Cut?


A Boston cut originally referred to a very flavorful roast cut from the center of the sirloin. Today, the term is being applied to steaks cut from the center of the sirloin, which is a very tender cut meat. Boston cut also refers to the way that the side of beef is cut in New England. This is when a side of beef is butchered. It is cut across at right angles to the backbone and than dividing the side into hind quarters and fore quarters.

In the Boston system, three ribs are left on the hind quarter, but in the New York or Philadelphia cut, all ribs are left on the fore quarter. This means that the first cut of the fore quarter in New York (the prime ribs) is the same piece of meat as the first cut on the hind quarter in Boston. The hind quarter cuts also differ. So, asking for a particular cut of meat may bring confusion if you move from or to New england. The U.S. Department of Agriculture refers to cuts by the New York system, as does the rest of the country except parts of New England.

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Best Porterhouse Steak in Chicago

Best Porterhouse in Chicago

Benny’s Chop House again is on the top of our list, but this time it is for the Best Porterhouse in Chicago. Why? Dry-Aged USDA prime cuts, chosen from select Midwest cattle, marbled to pink perfection, and cooked with an ideal tenderness to char ratio. Of course Benny’s has other juicy stuff, like the Benny’s Burger, Wagyu Beef Carpaccio and Long-Bone Veal Chops, but our heart always takes us back to their Amazing Steaks.

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