Best Steak: Boston Cut Prime Rib at Volare

One of the Best Steaks in Chicago can be found at Volare Restaurant:  The Boston Cut Prime Rib with hand crusted Crab and a Stilton cream sauce is Amazing, but what is a Boston Cut?


A Boston cut originally referred to a very flavorful roast cut from the center of the sirloin. Today, the term is being applied to steaks cut from the center of the sirloin, which is a very tender cut meat. Boston cut also refers to the way that the side of beef is cut in New England. This is when a side of beef is butchered. It is cut across at right angles to the backbone and than dividing the side into hind quarters and fore quarters.

In the Boston system, three ribs are left on the hind quarter, but in the New York or Philadelphia cut, all ribs are left on the fore quarter. This means that the first cut of the fore quarter in New York (the prime ribs) is the same piece of meat as the first cut on the hind quarter in Boston. The hind quarter cuts also differ. So, asking for a particular cut of meat may bring confusion if you move from or to New england. The U.S. Department of Agriculture refers to cuts by the New York system, as does the rest of the country except parts of New England.

Ok, now that we are all Boston Cut experts – lets get back to the Steak at Hand. Volare Restaurants is not know for Steaks, but this steak has a very unique flavor when you mix its juices with the Crab and stilton sauce. It just melts in your mouth and makes your whole body feel warm inside. Whatever the Happy feeling you are looking for – this Steak Delivers it to you at Volare Chicago or Oakbrook Terrace.

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  1. I Love this cut and I have had it at Volare…. Amazing !!!

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